Bob Schwartz

Publisher and CEO of Home Business Advertiser


“I’ve known Lauren Roberts for over 6 or 7 years.  She very thoughtful and talented.  Lauren has experienced her share of triumphs and tragedies and she keeps moving forward in a very determined and optimistic way!  If you want to learn how to build a lifetime of residual income – and have some fun too - contact Lauren and set up a time to get to know her.” 

Patricia Pearman

General Manager at Professional Networkers


My role with Professional Networkers is General Manager. Lauren began working for us in 2010. Also, I know Lauren from the church we attend. I have been very impressed with Lauren in many different areas. She helped us develop an organization of several hundred thousand distributors. Now she is developing her own business throughout the world. She keeps us busy. Lauren is  intelligent, charismatic, and an overall great leader. We receive more compliments from distributors in the field about Lauren than anyone else on our staff. I enjoy working with Lauren. I sincerely believe anyone that teams up with Lauren is a very lucky person.

Jason Gray

Assistant General Manager & IT Department Manager at Professional Networkers

I have met many dynamic & successful networkers working for Mike Akins & Professional Networkers for the last twenty years. During that time, I believe I have learned to identify certain traits that will separate the good networkers from the GREAT ones. Lauren Roberts has all the traits of a GREAT networker! I have worked with Lauren for nine years and one of the first things that will pop out when you meet her is her infectious enthusiasm. Lauren is passionate about positively changing people's lives both in their health and finances. Her enthusiasm spreads to everyone she comes in contact with. Lauren also has a huge, caring heart and wants to use her success in MLM to fund her humanitarian endeavors such as building & supporting orphanages around the world. If you decide to team up with Lauren, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve!

Richard Potts

Close Friend

I have been involved in network marketing for more than 45 years. I was a real estate broker for many years. I have known Lauren Roberts for eight years. I met her through Mike Akins, whom I teamed up with many years ago. Lauren is one of the best network marketing leaders that I have ever met in my 45 years in MLM. She cares for her distributors like a mother cares for her children. She is sharp as a pin! I have heard her talk with distributors and prospects on her cell phone. You can tell just from the way she talks that she deeply cares for the person on the other end of the phone. I am 85 years old and she ministers to me regularly. She is very special.


Pastor Joe Stover

Senior Pastor at The Christian Church & Academy


I am more than delighted to endorse Lauren Nichole Roberts. I am a pastor for the Christian Church. Lauren is our youth minister. Lauren was also a teacher in our academic private school. Whatever Lauren does, she puts her heart into it. She has a passion for helping other people, especially the youth and elderly. Lauren is part of our nursing home ministry. She is honest, caring, compassionate, kind, loving, puts others before herself, and is very responsible in whatever she does. I wouldn’t hesitate to team up with her in any endeavor.

Barbara Bergen

Logistics Support Manager at Professional Networkers


I am the manager of the Logistic Support office with Professional Networkers. I have worked with Mike Akins for 32 years supporting his network marketing ventures. Lauren started working with Professional Networkers around 2010. It was amazing how fast she learned! Lauren worked her way from the bottom up to a Success Coach. Now she is working her own business and keeping my team super busy! She is an amazing person! Her distributors rave about her continuously.

Abhijit Banerjee 

Director of Indian Affairs at Professional Networkers


I have known Lauren since more than one and half years. For us, the distance has never been a barrier. Whatever the challenges we are in, we are pretty sure she is always with us to provide the appropriate solution. The way she has been handling the team is really commendable. She takes care of the team along with each and every team member like her own family member. She is not only professionally related to me but she is more of a sister, friend, philosopher, and guide.


With respect to origin, country , ethnicity, and religion, we might be different, but after interacting with Mike and Lauren, they have proved that humanity always stands above and that’s the reason we have this cohesive bond amongst all the team members.

I consider myself lucky and it has been the blessings from the God Almighty that I become a part of this team with such a great mentor.

Angshuman Saha

Success Coach at 

Professional Networkers


I am lucky to have Lauren as our  leader. Whatever I am going to explain less for her . She is a diamond heart leader, friend & sister. She cares for each and every body on her team . I never saw such a heart in my 20 years journey.  I feel proud to be working with her . In short, she is an amazing lady with a great attitude and a serving mindset. I wish to see her at top with her team.