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Lauren has always had a heart for children. She desires to bless the children of the world in every way she can. Since the age of 6, she has felt led to run orphanages that really focus on the children's personal developmental needs. She desires to flood them with the love and support of a family even before their new families discover them. 

Nursing Homes

Lauren has had a heart for the elderly since she was a child. During her kindergarten year, she met her elderly neighbor, Thelma, who became one of her best of friends. Lauren's grandparents lived next door and they were also two of her closest friends. Lauren has always believed it is important to love, respect, and care for the elderly. She feels we lack the highest quality of care for our elderly in this country. She desires to share love with the elderly in the final stages of their lives. She hopes to open nursing homes that do just that. 

Homeless Shelters

Circumstances in life can sometimes get the best of us. Lauren believes these are moments when we, as fellow human beings, need to reach out and help build one another up. Lauren has always had a heart for the homeless, and she has housed multiple people throughout her life. She desires to open up housing and provide support to individuals in need to help integrate them back into life.

Rehabilitation Centers

Lauren realizes life is full of hurt and disappointment, and people are hurt in terrible ways. Sometimes, as humans, we turn to ways to make us feel better or numb our pain. Lauren desires to support as many people as possible in getting healing from these injuries so they can move forward, be at peace with themselves, and become their best. Lauren hopes to open rehabilitation centers for various hardships people endure.