Lauren Nichole Roberts is a unique person. She started out unique as a child and has remained this way throughout her life. She has always cared deeply for others. Her mother mentioned she was always amazed at Lauren’s soft heart as a child. Her grandmother said that Lauren would always choose to bless others before herself. Anytime she got birthday money, she would spend it on others. That meant so much more to her than keeping it. When she was 7 years old, Lauren attended church with another little girl whose house had burned down. She gave the little girl her favorite doll that she would carry around and her favorite bracelet. The stories I was told over the years about Lauren are so precious. They touch my heart every time I hear them.

I have enjoyed getting to know Lauren and have learned that she is a blessing to this world in a very special way. I know Lauren has an incredible calling on her life from our Creator and I know Lauren will do everything she can to make sure she becomes exactly who our Creator desires her to become. 


As Lauren grew up, she was picked on a lot for her unique personality as well as being kind and showing love to the outcasts at her school. Lauren’s life has not been an easy one, but she never lets challenges hold her back. They serve as motivation to keep moving forward.


At 6 years old, Lauren started dreaming about opening and running an orphanage in her future. She still holds onto this same passion at 26! She also desires to open nursing homes that offer optimal care to their patients and rehabilitation centers for the homeless. 

Growing up in a small farm town, Lauren had not heard of network marketing until her senior year of high school when she met Mike Akins. She saw the many lives being impacted through Mike’s networking career and she knew she had to be a part of it. She is now building her 4Life business as one of Mike’s frontline leaders. 


I have watched her interact on the phone, working day and night for her marketing family. She has even had people 2 and 3 times her age tell her she has become their spiritual mentor. Lauren’s wisdom and love toward others goes beyond anything I have ever witnessed in anyone I have met around the world. 

I know Lauren will impact this world, even beyond her wildest dreams. Her heart is one of a kind and is ready to pour out unconditional love to anyone she comes in contact with. She is a pure example of love to everyone she meets. This networking career is a vehicle for Lauren to become free in her time and finances so she can focus on her real dream to impact this world in a major way. If you ask me to sum up Lauren’s heart in one word, it would be LOVE!
-Marsha Akins

Get To Know Lauren's Heart


Lauren has always had a heart for children. She desires to bless the children of the world in every way she can. Since the age of 6, she has felt led to run orphanages that really focus on the children's personal developmental needs. She desires to flood them with the love and support of a family even before their new families discover them. 

Nursing Homes

Lauren has had a heart for the elderly since she was a child. During her kindergarten year, she met her elderly neighbor, Thelma, who became one of her best of friends. Lauren's grandparents lived next door and they were also two of her closest friends. Lauren has always believed it is important to love, respect, and care for the elderly. She feels we lack the highest quality of care for our elderly in this country. She desires to share love with the elderly in the final stages of their lives. She hopes to open nursing homes that do just that. 

Homeless Shelters

Circumstances in life can sometimes get the best of us. Lauren believes these are moments when we, as fellow human beings, need to reach out and help build one another up. Lauren has always had a heart for the homeless, and she has housed multiple people throughout her life. She desires to open up housing and provide support to individuals in need to help integrate them back into life.

Rehabilitation Centers

Lauren realizes life is full of hurt and disappointment, and people are hurt in terrible ways. Sometimes, as humans, we turn to ways to make us feel better or numb our pain. Lauren desires to support as many people as possible in getting healing from these injuries so they can move forward, be at peace with themselves, and become their best. Lauren hopes to open rehabilitation centers for various hardships people endure.  

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